Like most artists, I have a need to communicate pictorially rather than with words. Although I try to push the limits of realism in a black and white medium, simply imitating reality isn’t my primary goal. I use the technical skills I have developed to tell a story or evoke an emotion. I feel I’ve successfully communicated with someone when they identify with the essence of a particular piece, and it brings about new thoughts or feelings.”

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Artist Alamgir

Pencil Artist Alamgir with Kiran Khatiwada

Artist Alamgir from Chittagong ,Bangladesh who moved to Dubai ,United Arab Emirates . Poverty is not a hindrance into sucess but it was a sole motivation to strived more and proved his worht .He don’t have have formal education about Fine Arts but his strong determination and aspiration kept through his dreams.
Like wise through the Inspiratin of Artist Sikander Singh who beleived on his ability and Credibility to draw ,the love and support to get from his parents and all by God who has given him this talent , to owned them much for what to at present now.
He started his carrier in Art since 1999 and before moving to U.A.E. He did some exhibition in India . He worth includes Pencil , Sketching ,Charcoal Drawing ,Live Drawing ,Water Color , Oil Painting !!!
Today he is relisation of his Dreams and still dreaming that some day he want to become one of the famous Artist in the world !!

Pencil Artist Alamgir with Kiran Khatiwada

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