Like most artists, I have a need to communicate pictorially rather than with words. Although I try to push the limits of realism in a black and white medium, simply imitating reality isn’t my primary goal. I use the technical skills I have developed to tell a story or evoke an emotion. I feel I’ve successfully communicated with someone when they identify with the essence of a particular piece, and it brings about new thoughts or feelings.”

About Me
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Artist Alamgir

Thank you for your precious time in visiting my website and reading my life story. I hope it can encourage you to make your dreams come true…

– Welcome to my LIFE…

I’m the kind of artist that thinks that my art is not just a drawing, but it’s a masterpiece that can give priceless gifts to all my customers. Even I spend many hours or days making the drawing, it suddenly washes out all my sleepless nights when I hear some positive feedbacks coming from all my customers.

Back when I started, I’m actually not that good or perfect. I Don’t have a proper education or degree to help me for who I am today. I even always compete with my own self. When I start this talent so-called “pencil drawing or painting, so many people will tell me negative feedback, and even I was not able to buy some materials that I can use. But all the failure, negative feedback, and even problem in financial, it did not stop me to pursue my dream. Because I have a very big dream that one day ” I WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST ARTIST”. It’s just a matter of courage, brave, confidence, and hard work to learn all the talent I have now and with the help of Allah, my family, and friends who supported me in my way to success.


Every artist begins with a blank canvas. Even my life was similar, a blank canvas that has no image, or picture…but there was vision, dreams, and imaginations. But since I was locked inside a dark room… I was chained in the middle of darkness, surrounded by walls of worries and fears, this room represented poverty that made it a hindrance for me to get out through that darkness. Inside the room has a ting hole where the light passed through… lt gave me hope to strive more, to dream, and to believe that behind those walls are great things waiting for me.

The Almighty Allah Gave me a gift of talent that serves as a light for me not to lose hope, to have faith in him. He sent me a great person, the great artist Sikander Singh, who is from India Chandigarh who taught me how to dream and helped me get out from the darkness. He stands as my teacher and a role model. He is the one who motivates me to achieve more and more. He is one of the best & well-known Artists in the world.

Dreams are like the paintings of a great artist…

My dreams are my paintings. ..

The world is my canvas…

Believing is the brush that converts my dreams into a masterpiece of reality…

My family and friends are the rainbows that give color and meaning to my life. Every person who has dreams can make their lives a work of art- An individual masterpiece…

Trying to learn more & more every day and upgrading myself.

Art work, Charcoal, Pencil, Caricature, Sepia, watercolor, Oil
All Over the World
phone: +971 50 175 0600
lives in: Sahara Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
education: Studied at India